Why does it seem everyone except people like me hate me/fear me?

I'm a 18 year old 6'6'' Germanic guy with blue and green eyes and blonde hair. I like to swim, play football and workout at the gym. I've noticed that the only people I get along with me fit the description is described or nearly match it. Why is that?

Furthermore, it seems that non-white guys are really insecure because they all think they have big dicks (especially blacks) but in reality my dick is bigger than most black pornstars lol! For me and my friends it seems everyone hates us, even white girls that don't like white guys. Honestly this seems like racism to me. Would you agree?


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  • How is having a big dick an insecurity?
    Listen, they probably get along with you because you have stuff in common that you draged about and they saw quality in you. For the others you may seem arrogant. Even if I wanna talk to someone cause they seem cool or boys who are looking hot, if i smell arrogance i'm too afraid to talk to them. Maybe they re thinking that you re hating on them, just show them your real self, who is meant to be your friend will be.
    You don't have to make good impression for everyone.
    Maybe they are thinking that you re the racist one 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Your whole text screams insecure to me, sorry.

    • Insecure? Hahaha. The ones who are most insecure are inadequate guys that make comments behind my back, and girls who pretend they like nerdy shy guys while having sex with jocks.

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    • Russia (eastern europe) and kazakhstan, central asia. I'm white and Asian. Not from turkey.

    • Plus my turkish friend is naturally blonde with green eyes...

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