What's the point of dating/being in a relationship/love?


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  • Temporary happiness and getting rid of the constant lonely feeling. Also free gifts, cuddles.
    Cons: most of your sweaters will probably disappear because of your partner. 😬😅

    Otherwise, I don't see much to it either. I still steal sweaters from friends. 😹

    • I don't assign much value to temporary things, tho. Nevertheless, nice idea.

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    • I get that. 2 months is the most I can get. Even if things go well, something out of my control suddenly fucks up everything.

    • Yeah, I know how you feel. Have to work a bit on your own love before you can love someone else. My longest relationship was 2 years, the end of it made me want to keep away from them in general 😹😹

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  • to find someone who u get along with to have sex with to start a family with one day


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  • Distracting yourself. I don’t see a big point in it unless you can’t stop thinking about that person. It seems too worrisome. I think I’ll just focus on college. Sorry if I seem a bit pessimistic.

    • I feel like I wouldn't be too distracted, however the potential loss scares me the most

    • Ya that’s definitely scary. Especially when it’s out of your control.

  • To find that special someone you want to be with for the rest of your life, have babies with them, and grow old together.

    • That's depressing.. "That special one"? Seems like an impossible task to me

    • You're still young. It should be more depressing to me lol.

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