When should one have the exclusive talk? I'm worried it'll get dragged on for far too long without knowing what we are?

I met this guy through bumble about a month ago and we hit it off from the first date. Both of us are looking for the same thing in a person and we share the same interests etc

He frequently asks about my day and we spend bit of time together after our workout to just chill talk and sneak in a kiss here or there. We go on dates as well.

Last week was the first time we verbally said that we like each other and during our date he asked me what I want since I said I'm not there to mess around etc and I responded by saying I am looking for a realtionship. When I asked him the same thing he said me too.

We have been on about 7 dates so far, with each date getting me closer to feeling comfortable with him even more.

He also does mention things we can do in the future so that means he does see me sticking around.

Most people have said giving the daring period 2-3 months before having the talk is ideal. Would you agree? I mean after him knowing I want a realtionship would he have still stuck around if he didn't want that with me?


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  • Well you can make the first move if you honestly want to be exclusive. Be up front with your feelings and just ask him.


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