Girls, Playing with boyfriend?

Have you ever accidentally hit boyfriend in his balls when being playful? How did he react?


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  • When you're cuddling vigorously while making out, and changing positions, and you can on top of him with your legs around his waste, and then he gets on top of you with his thigh between your legs and your thigh between his legs, and then you're side by side, and on and on... these kind of accidents bound to happen.
    The reaction is not that dramatic. Usually something like him saying "ooh wait wait a second", put his hand inside his pants to clutch them, and laugh. When I was younger I even used to wonder if it was all just a ploy so I would feel bad and want to make it up to him, or that I would give more attention to that area.

    It happened much more when I was younger, because today I no longer have these 3-hours make out sessions with my boyfriend, it just goes to the next level after a short while.

  • No I haven't


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