Shy girl says that she can't go out with me?

I've been getting a vibe from this shy girl in a class I'm in since the start of the semester that she's into me. (It's not hard to sense that she does, as she is more nervous around me than others, and does what a shy girl does when she likes someone) I waited this long to ask her out on a date just so she can get more comfortable around me. I ask her Thursday to do something today, and said she'd let me know. I didn't know what to think of that response, so I decided that instead of doing something this weekend, I would ask her for lunch tomorrow. I did so earlier and she replied very quickly and apologized that said she couldn't do so. I just dealt with it and said okay maybe some other time.

This could mean so many things, so I have no clue what this means. I know for a fact that she's single so that can't be why she said that to me. The top three I can think of is it because of her being busy with studies, her still not comfortable around me, or her not being interested in me. If it's not one of those, then what is it? And why would you say you "couldn't go on a date" with someone.


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  • She might be too shy for an actual meeting/date. I would have just asked for her number and message her at night for a while to break the ice and go from there. Try again and just tell her it's ok if she just wants to text for now.

  • I think she is full of 💩 and does not want to hurt you


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