He hasn't asked me for a date?

I've been talking with this guy everyday from an online dating site for almost two weeks and we snapchat, text, call each other every day. Anyways, we have talked about meeting but his work has been delaying him to do that (he's a foster parent) and I don't want to bring it up again. Should I just move on or ask him about it one more time? He did say he wants to meet - it was just last week but didn't work out?


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  • Here's my question OuO WHY NOT ASK HIM OUT. lol?

    • But I have - in a way. I said we should meet and he asked me what days work and I told him. But his schedule isn't as open as mine so that's why I'm waiting for him to set a date.

    • Just give him a bunch of dates that work for you and give him options and then he will feel forced to pick one XD. At the worst he might warn he might be 5 -10 minutes late. But I'm sure he will be there.

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  • Ask him or move on.


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