Wanting the relationship, but for of the unknown?

Like the title says. I really would love to be in a relationship, have a family and kids. The thing is I am afraid of getting cheated on. This is such a deep seated fear, and I have seen people who are supposed to be in relationships doing some crazy behind things. I just feel like I would be the one to get cheated on, I don’t really trust my choices when it comes to women. I really like this young lady that I have met, we are both in the same place in terms of trust. We have both seen people get cheated on and the repercussions of it. She always says she likes talking to me, and being around me. I always pray about it and ask if it is meant to be to let it be, but if it is not then don’t let it happen. Yet we always talk and in my heart I really want to be with her, I don’t know where I really stand with her (yes I know we like each other, but I we haven’t defined what we are and we don’t know how to proceed). I finally told her how I felt and my fears of her probably finding another guy and so forth and being cheated on. Even after all that we still talk pretty consistently. Another thing is that I feel that if she were doing something I would be so oblivious to the signs. Then also that I would be so heartbroken and devastated from it that I wouldn’t be the same person. I would probably be bitter and resentful, and not happy and just the type of person who lets things go. I just don’t know what to do, I am really trying to get over my fear of being cheated on. I have spoken to people, they say keep praying about it and to just enjoy the moment and cherish this. On the other hand I have people saying to keep looking and if she is the one than everything will work out. I need some advice on this matter.
I feel like she might be playing the field. I dont know why i would care since we have not defined what we are. I probably feel hurt, and would want to know if i should just cut my losses. I just really have feelings for her.


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  • I have the same issues like you do. Anxiety kicks in each time also due to my past experiences. Tho, my secret is to take little baby steps and if that person understands you and is willing to work with you on it that then i think you found the reason right one.


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