How do I keep a relationship?

For starters, I am basically in love with a girl. We have known each other for like forever. I like her. She likes me. I've got one kiss from her. I want to kiss her, but I can't find the right place and time to do it. Since my parents know her family very well, it would be kind of awkward to tell them just yet. This is why it's hard. There's like no good time. Also, I have two friends (female) who always get on me about how I'm dating this girl. Nobody knows about any of our relationship yet tho. How can I show my attraction more without letting everyone know about us?


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  • Just do it. Ask when you alone

    • That's the issue- whenever we have time away from parents, we're by friends. Whenever we are without friends, we have parents around.

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    • Ask her how she feels man. Slide in those dms as hard as you can

    • Ok...

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