Should I End It?

She always calling me crying and I support her and stuff, last week for the first time I called her, I was crying and she said for no reason, "I can stay on the phone, but I don't really want to talk to you." It pissed me off so much, she keeps texting me asking "what's wrong with you?" She knows that what she did was wrong, she's told me she knew it was wrong, but she still continues to do this sort of stuff.


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  • She's just not that into you.

    • Thank you

    • You should judge someone's feelings for you by how they treat you, not by what they say about their feelings. Words are easy to say.

  • I don't think you should end it. But if you can't be strong let her go. Find someone who is strong for you. The relationship works as pieces of puzzles.
    What's missing in one other has to feel it.


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