What's with the lack of commitment on facebook?

I've been dating this guy for about 5 years, we have a child together, we're very serious and planning on moving in together in the next couple months and getting married within the next year. I'm not upset about it, anymore, but for the first 4 years of our relationship he had me blocked on his facebook. (and yes we really were dating lol it wasn't just i thought we were) he made a whole bunch of bs excuses for how he doesn't like having his private life on fb and i totally get that, so instead of asking him to go 'Facebook' official i just asked him if he'd change his relationship status to no relationship info to show instead of saying single
he refuses. absolutely refuses and i'm kind of curious why he wonttake the single label off. I just want to understand him better but I can't get ANY information from him.


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  • Man, I think you're being pretty reasonable here. You're just asking for to have the relationship status removed? Like, who cares?

    Also, next year not only is he not going to be single, but he is LEGALLY not going to be single. AKA, he will be filing his taxes MFJ or MFS. That dude needs to get a grip. He's being sketchy.

  • There's probably a reason he has it that way, call him out on it


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