Is it love or lust?

Title says it all.
How do I know if it just lust (i. e a strong sexual desire) or something along the lines of love/emoional and stuff?
Right now I am physically away from him and we won't be able to see one another before at least a week. I think about him a lot in a day. When I think of him I feel a strong desire to be touched and held by him. When I look at a picture of him I smile and feel all gooey and stuff.
Maybe who cares if it is just a physical thing but I would like to be able to know if actually like HIM or the way he makes me feel?


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  • If all you had was lust you would just want to feel his touch constantly and when you looked at a pic of him you wouldn't smile he'd be just another guy but you said you smiled and can't wait to see him again sounds like love to me


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  • It's infatuation. You didn't mention wanting to help him do his finances or any of the boring partner related stuff. You want to be intimate with him, which is perfectly fine. I repeat, there's nothing wrong with that. You'll know it's love when you want to work on a problem with him, and you'll know he loves you when he does practical, helpful stuff to make your life easier.

  • Simple just ask yourself once do you see a future with him or not cause it's most of the times lust loves rarely their and that too by chance

  • If u masterbate about them and after u come u still have reasons to like that person then its love or at least serious like

    • That's a creative way to see things...
      Never thought of that! Hehe

    • Yip ok i always have no urge to be with someone after i cum so u will see things clearly at that point.

  • High probability of lust detected.

    • Why's that?
      Just because my body aches when I think of him?
      Can't you feel that too if you are in "love"?

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