Please help me with this. Please?

I saw a girl in my college in 2016 jan. She use to look atme and i use to look at her back and we’ll stare for 5-6 seconds and then she will concentrate on her studies.
This happened for complete semester. But we never were able to talk to each other. Then she stopped coming to much in library n barely get to see her. And in my last semester i cudnt bare it and i wrote her messages on instagram saying that i rwally like her and i told her that i use to sit wid my frnd and i use to see u in library.

She dis not reply but her sister sent me a follow request and thwn i asked her sister why do u want to follow did ur sister asked u to do so? Her sister replied saying yes bcoz she doesn't know who the heck u r. I cud see the heat in her mesaage so i politely wrote to the person i like that y did u tell to ur sis? She still did not reply then i messages her y the next day and very mature of u to tell everyone.

She finally replied saying ohh my fault wanting to know who my stalker is. I said to her tht i did not follow u or took ur number from someone and all n i said sorry to her if she feels tht way. She said its fine. Then i said her i use to see her everyday in library studying and u were the only decent girl i ever saw. She asked me who i am? I said i cannot for now. Then she said wasn't that d purpose of ur message to know u? Then we did exchange some messages and i told her how i feel about her. She said she has a boyfriend thts y my msgs took her aback. I told her ok and i deleted my profile n stopped thinking. Kept a stone on my heart n was happy for her but its killing me a lot. I cried and i cannot focus on anything bcoz every time i think of something i cannot stop imagining her and dream about her.

Please help what to do. Its been 2 months

One more thing i am indian and she is Spanish. I love her. I m dying wisout her. I nvr felt this way for anyone in my life. I ❤️ her a lot


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  • Bro she said to you that she has a boyfriend then why are you still stuck on this girl. I know it's very difficult to forget her but it's not impossible. Try to focus on your work. Spend more time with your family and friends. Do things you have not done in a long time. Above all, don't lose faith in yourself. If you feel depressed then you should go for some counseling.

  • So, you need to start by not letting yourself think about her.
    Thinking about her feeds these emotions and makes it worse. You can't pick what you feel, but you can pick what you do and think.

  • Sounds like you're seeing signs that aren't there, friend. She clearly wasn't looking at you the same way you were looking at her


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