Dealing with someone who is afraid of dating?

So I met this girl through a Facebook dating page and we kinda fell for each other fast. Before we even met IRL we decided we didn't wanna see other people. Well now she's saying that she still has feelings for me but doesn't want to screw up our friendship/relationship by dating and she wants to try being friends for a while. I'm not sure what to do in this situation. I think she's just really afraid of losing me because she's been hurt very badly before. She actually had a guy manipulate her into almost marrying him just for her social security disability money. I'm really crazy about this girl and I agree we should probably take things a little slower but I feel like if we try to suppress these feelings we'll just end up screwing things up anyway.


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  • Knew a woman who was wonderful in many ways but so deeply paranoid it was crazy. And it never got better so eh. To me it’s like saying you have a row boat full of holes that you want to row across a big lake. Sorry.

    • Would just be friends AND date others without hiding it.

  • How far are you two?


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