Want to hang out with a guy, but our usual plans got crushed. What's something better to do to make up for it?

Me and this guy see each other three times a week, at church, at Silver Lining practice (we're both in a band together), and at youth group. We've done little things together, I've gone over to his house for his b-day party and spend all night talking to him, he invited me to a rock concert that had "his type of music" because I was always complaining he had bad music taste, every time we get back from a vacation we hug each other. he gives the best hugs :) we were going to hang out at his house this weekend, but he has to go to midland instead. and he can't come to my b-day either because he'll be in midland. what's a fun thing to do together to make up for missing out on my b-day and his house?

just gonna say thanks for the answers now :)


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  • a birthday picnic in the park

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