Is She telling the truth or nah?

So i just asked this girl out that I want to date. I was watching videos on how to not mess up and how to do it properly. I did almost everything correct. I was flirting, being confident, and kind. She was smiling, actually blushed when I called her cute and was giggling while we spoke. Not heavily but she gave some giggles while talking. I asked for her number and she said she is actually talking to someone at the moment. It wasn't like she hesitated or was nervous. She was being friendly and joyful and she told me that. I feel my mistake I did is after she said that. I told her that if it doesn't work out, I am available. I forgot to also mention that whenever I see her and she sees me, she sorta somehow ends up near me. She also glaces at me multiple times when she thinks I am not looking. She works at this movie theater and I go there at times. So am I right that she is being honest? I don't sense that she was lying.


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  • You sound like you gotta just give up on this girl and go talk to some other chicks. I'm assuming because you looked up videos on how to not fuck up a date you haven't really been on many. I'd suggest just asking some girls out. Go out meet someone and just ask if they want to go out sometime.

    • I actually watched it for more of a review. To make sure I don't mess up. I like to do things properly. You make it seem like she is not interested. I have asked some women this and they said she is telling the truth and she is interested, but already talking to someone. So she was telling the truth

    • Yeah I agree she seems interested just not as interested as she is in the other guy. Don't just sit around and wait for her.

  • Hmm... It's difficult to say, but with what you said I'd think she thinks you to be a tool.

    • I asked some women for their opinions and they told me that my hunch is right.

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