Was I an asshole to my boyfriend and did I overreact?

My boyfriend insists on having me hang out with his family. I absolutely hate this because I feel judged 24/7. His brothers and sisters dislike me and so does his mom but his mom tolerates me. I don't see why I have to spend time with them because I'm not dating them. Recently I went out to dinner with them and it was absolutely painful and awkward. I have anxiety and was trying to make conversation with his family but it was so awkward and bad. Am I wrong in not wanting to spend time with them? After the dinner I told him that including my family into my dates isn't important to me and that we are different in that aspect
  • You shouldn't have to put up with that
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  • Family is important to mix in a relationship
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  • I think it matters on how long you havecbeen going out, how important family is to him, and how often it happens.


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  • Is your boyfriend close with his family?

    • Yes very

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    • I've told him that I get very anxious and I avoid his family as much as possible.

      I don't put him in that situation because my family is not close and I could care less about including them in my relationship

    • Oh that’s ok. At least you’re boyfriend understands where you’re coming from. Has he made you go to family events since then? Or have you seen a massive decrease in family events lately?

      Would you let him just go by himself to family events?

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  • You shouldn't be forced to be around them


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  • Family is important.


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