What’s the youngest a 17 year old boy should date? Is an almost 15 year old girl too young?

A 14 year old girl has a huge crush on me. She’s cute and is turning 15 this month. I just turned 17.

She looks old for her age and is mature also. She hangs out with older girls too. I turned 17 less than a month ago and she’ll be 15 later this month so the age gap is about 2 years.

Asking because I know some people judge and her parents might have a problem with me being older and it might not be socially acceptable.

Not trying to do anything dumb with her but I do think she’s a nice girl and want to give her a chance
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  • You’re good just don’t go younger


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  • It's a long way from almost 15 to 17. Is she really mature enough to be interesting to you right now? What's going to happen when you graduate high school and she hasn't?

    If you decide to date her you will need to be really careful of her feelings, and probably reassure her parents that you are responsible enough to date her at that tender age. And FFS do not initiate sex with her. Keep your everything out of her pants until she's older.

    • Since you are MORE than two years older, check the laws in your locale before you even think about doing anything sexual with her. In some of the United States the laws are crazy. You do not want to become a registered sex offender.

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  • That's OK, when I was 17 I had a crush on a 14 y. o. Too gutless to ever do anything about it, and she moved away a year or so later.

  • I'm 17 and wouldn't go younger than 16


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