My bestie dad keeps bothering me how can I make him stop?


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  • Be direct.
    If that doesn't work, be more direct.
    If that doesn't work, involve as many people as possible.
    If that doesn't work, consider contacting the cops (Don't use 911, use their business phone number)


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  • I want to remind you that what he’s doing is wrong and illegal. There’s a reason for. You have to look at his eyes straight and tell him to stop making these suggestions and tell him what he’s doing is wrong.

    Try to remember how he started talking to you. I am sure he didn’t start by saying ‘your breasts are huge I would like to f them’ He came to this point through time. Whatever you did since he started talking to you is not working and he’s getting the courage to ask and tell you all these things. You may think that you’re not doing so but that’s what he’s getting from you. You are a minor you’re not supposed to know these things. That’s why it’s illegal that he’s approaching you.

    What I’m trying to say is you may not be able to protect yourself that’s why I suggest you tell your parents about this. If I was your parent I would like to know. This is the kind of situation where you have to involve them.

    People are weak sometimes, they make bad judgments, make stupid assumptions and make mistakes. He may too. If he does something wrong to you it will be a big problem.
    I suggest you act as soon as possible and share the situation with your parents. Do not worry about your best friend.
    Life is very long and things change constantly. Who can say you will not make many new friends in coming months?
    Your safety comes first. Please take this very seriously. Very very seriously.
    I’m sending you a big hug.

    • I meet him 6 years ago and he was nice now I'm 16 and going three changing and he changed too

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  • Tell him: I am not interested but I am not mad with you enough to tell it to my father yet... I think you should stop it before I do it for your own sake.

  • If what you said in the comments is true,
    My sinister side asks why these kind of men exist...
    Stay away from him. Let others know. Such behaviour is unacceptable, to say the least...

  • You need to be upright honest with him and tell him he needs to stop whatever he's doing to make you uncomfortable. Embarrass him about
    what he's doing let him know if it's creeping you out.

  • How is he bothering you? Is he propositioning you sexually? Pestering you with old man jokes or just creepy as hell?

    • Like he tells me why don't u and meh go out dor dinner one night.
      Dam u have huge breast I would love to fuck them
      Stuff like that

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    • No I don't

    • It would be ugly hon. Make the moves I said and get out of the situation entirely. Don't give him any further access to you.

  • Record him doing it and then tell him to stop it your sending it to his family.

  • You mean your dad is sexually harassing you?

  • How...


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