Why is getting laid so hard?

I don't know I look okay, I have money, I am confident,

I chat with girls on Tinder, and we talk about sex... But they all say they aren't like that and want a long term relationship, and they don't hook up...

I don't know how guys do it...


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  • It's all bullshit... they all have that guy they fucked not long ago... or eventually will
    the thing with girls doing casual hook ups... is that when they do, they tend to go for the guy they actually want, the hot guy in their eyes... cause guys are generally willing to sex any girl that is ready and willing


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  • It’s not I do fine maybe your looking out your league bro lower your standards double your chances if that’s the case but I have preferences

    • I will sleep with almost anything, but still I can't make it happen

  • You're getting long term relationships.. but here I am getting only girls who wants to just lay down with me.
    No am trying find girl who wants a serious relationship.

    • see he's that guy LOL...
      there is always that guy


    • Well I am not rich. I look good enough. But I am not a person who will spend money after girls.

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