Warning: Why are black women sooo hard to please and date?

I have dated across several races. No disrepect to all of the hard working sistas, but why is it so much to date you all?
The man has to dress right,
Look attractive,
Drive a nice car,
Good job,
Career, etc.

Honestly I get that all of these things are "basic" things anyone would want or need. The problem is that I feel African American women do not appreciate them as much compared to their white, latina, etc. counterparts.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm black and I do not care about all that. If you are a good human being and you treat me right, chances are I will like you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Black girls are use to sugar daddies and shit...
    I know this black chick and compare all the girls I've dated... she's pretty much the only one that if we ever go to a rest to eat or something... god forbid if she ever pulls out her wallet lol

    not just that... any chance she gets not to pay her share... you better believe she will take it lol

    I think it's because black women are dominating in their families... they take take take take until they control

    • I dont wanna seem racist but I've yet to see a black girl in a non toxic relationship. Be them the victim or the toxic party

    • @Kolton there is nothing racist about it just because you're talking about a black girl lollolololo... so what hahah

      its because black girls have issues finding good men... they are generally on the bottom of the list in the dating world and when they date within their own race... the guys are the type that feel having multiple women is normal...
      they have messy relationships... ya that's true

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  • Isn’t that every girl?


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  • I’ve dated a lot of black girls I’m white I don’t even own a car I have a decent job and dress nice and all that about it from what I hear some of you just act like children and are lazy sit around smoking dope all day don’t do manly chores shovel snow etc... not saying this is all black men just what I’ve heard


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