His behavior has changed dramatically?

My boyfriend cheated... I forgave him... even he was surprised... but now he worries about my whereabouts, how I act towards him, why I won't call sometimes or text as often... he even wants to check my phone...

I think he might be cheating again or has he become paranoid that I will since he already did it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He knows what goes around comes around.. he's waiting for karma to happen.. he's already convinced you will.


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  • Either he is skittish to see what you thinking about him constantly or waiting to cheer on you again most people who do will do it again even if they get caught


What Girls Said 1

  • He's got a lot of nerve being the one concerned about where you're at. Sounds like he's afraid of you doing what he did. People usually care less about their partners whereabouts while cheating unless it screws up their plans. It's a toss up. That's the issue with taking back a cheater the trust is forever gone.


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