If a guy agrees to be a girl's 'plus one' to more than one event, does it mean that they are probably dating or are very good friends?

curious to know the relationship between them. have a crush on that guy.


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  • Could be many things really, but it also depends on how he acts at these events. If he's away from you mostly at the events he could just think you two are friends and you're being nice, or isn't interested in you. If he's usually around you at the event, having a good time *with* you, then he'd probably think you two are a thing together. It's a strange situation because you are asking him to these events.

  • In my experience, I've had a couple girls use me as their plus 1. They openly admitted they had crushes on me. I still went to all of them just as friends though. I had no romantic interest. We stayed friends.

  • Interested


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