Back on the horse?

How does one figuratively get back on the horse. Split up with my ex wife a few years back I've dated but with the hours i work and caring for my nan doesn't leave a lot of time for romance. Any suggestions


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  • Any free time you have to to a coffee shop, a library or some where like that or go out with friends. Interact with people a girl that is genuine would understand your commitments.

    • I do. I play semi pro squash so I'm out a lot.

    • Just strike up a conversation with someone you'll be highly surprised.

    • Il be honest getting a date is not really a problem... but i dont think its fair for a women oh you want to see me... that's okay i got a spare 2 hours a week on Saturday... So I blow myself outta the game pretty much

  • Someone who is worth it will understand your commitments, I agree. Do you get lunch breaks? Possibly you could meet up for lunch and nights/weekends chat over a glass of wine. The beauty of mature relationships is just that- they are mature. You donโ€™t need constant communication but contact is important. Find someone else who is like you in that way!


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  • Speed up your Nan's "process".
    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


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