Is it normal for texting to drop if they're still interested?

Only ask since I haven' dated for years while I was in a long relationship now I'm 25 so times have changed since I was 17!
We've been on a couple dates kissed and had fun. We were texting a lot at first to get to know each ther and it slowed down which was fine but the past couple of days it's only been one text a day, they aren't short which Is the part that confuses me because if I was weaning off someone I would probably give half assed replies. She's a single mum so I don't expect to be a priority but figured I'd ask an opinion
Coming out of a relationship from someone who needed constant texting was annoying so I prefer this but one text a day seems very little.
Cheers for any input guys


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  • If she's mom then perhaps it's because she doesn't have a lot of time on her hands+ children are a huge responsibility, so maybe she's just very tired and stressed out by things so when she wants to text you she is already exhausted..
    And all relationships go through quiet times where they barely talk, especially at the beginning.

    To clear your confusion and know if it's because she's busy or if she lost interest, simply ask her that, communication is the best answer, or maybe try to ask her out or spend a weekend together and see how she acts with you, you can tell if she still likes you that way

    • Yeah was thinking of asking but if it's not the case I didn't want to come across as needy since we've only been on a few dates, I did message her back yesterday afternoon and she's been online but not read yet so I'll wait for a response first I guess.
      Knowing she's a mum makes me give the benefit of the doubt.

    • Yeah, it's a better ides to wait a bit before asking
      good luck with her

    • Yeah I will do, it's not been long so it won't be too bad either way just wanted to check opinions before I gave up on something that could end up being something good

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