How should I continue to go about getting a date with her, she already knows I’m interested?

I started visiting with a girl on zoosk, after a number of messages asked for her number, she wasn’t comfortable yet, so continued on there, last message of day was her number. Next day I told her I’d be in her area in a couple days if she wanted to get together for a bit, but she couldn’t because her kids would be home. told her I understand

We continue visiting some every day, she responds to all my texts. Few days later I asked if there are particular days she’s available. She said it depends on her work schedule and when the kids Dad takes them. Told her understand, and not being impatient but curious. told her I’ve been enjoying the conversations and would like to be able to meet.

we joke around a lot and visit about things, nothing really in depth, I want to do that on a date. She also asked my last name so she could add me on Facebook, so I accepted her on there.

Im not sure if I should back off on texting today and see if she starts a conversation, and not sure how to further pursue getting a date with her. I don’t want to end up only texting buddies. I have no idea how many others she might be going on dates with, but know that she’s had trouble meeting anyone because she’s so busy with her job and a 3 and 10 year old.


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  • Back of to Second what will happen.

    • I didn’t message her this morning, she texted me at 11 to tell me good morning. I did respond about 20 minutes later to tell her good morning and ask how her morning was. I figure if she started the conversation should be a good sign.

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