Is the Pastor trying to play games with me?

LONG story short the pastor and I have been showing interest in each other for the past 4 months. And one day he spontaneously asked me out to eat that night, but I already had plans so had to take a rain check... So fast forward to NOW, we still randomly see each other around and are casual and nice. So when he posted a picture on his Instagram story that related to me, I replied. The conversation went like this (after we talked about the IG story, he continued the convo to this):
Him: Did you enjoy service?
Me: Yeah, you were great, like always aha. It was really good! Him: Thanks Veronica! Hope to see you soon.
Me: Yeah for sure, I still owe you a rain check aha
Him: "Yeah, okay. We will see what you do w/ it."
Me: Mmkay then.
So yesterday after church I asked him how his week was and what his schedule looked like for this week. And he said he would be out of town until Thursday, but to let him "know"... So I was like yeah, just contact me!(Very discrete because it was in the fellowship)... I confused, is he going to arrange for us to meet up? I am not going to be a thirsty woman and continue to play this "game". Any suggestions/opinions?


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  • Is this a religion where the pastor can date?
    Its only a game because you are making it one. He told you to tell him when then you put it off on him to set the date. Why not just outright ask him "Does Friday work for you?"


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