Will she come to me?

She broke up with me because she’s really stressed. We discussed it a few times and she said she felt like she should to focus on herself for a bit, but she loved me and it was hard. After deciding to stay together for a bit, she decided to end it because she was too stressed. I asked her what if it’s a mistake and she asked if she wanted to come back if I would be mad. I said no and I’d wait for her. She doesn’t expect me to wait, but I am. We are giving space right now. She will come to me. She was really upset during and after our talk. Like distraught. We had a show together and she was touchy with me and told me I looked really handsome, among other things. Then I drove home in a storm and she texted me to please get home safe and then a good night text after. Will she come back? I miss her and love her so much.


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  • She might come back, but if she doesn't I suggest you move on and lose contact , because you're only going to get hurt this way


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