Does he even deserve a response or shall silence be that response?

I’ve been talking to this guy for 3 months now. We talk all day everyday, sometimes he would initiate the convos & at times I would. We got really close & hung out like twice. 1 was casual coffee & the 2nd was dinner together. The dinner went really well, we got along so well & talked about other places (asked me what places I like) & said he’d take me to this place & we’d try this other spot together. (We didn't end up going to any of those places)

After that he didn’t ask me out so I went ahead & msgd him to see if he’d want to hangout at one of the spots we spoke about before - he was up for it & we agreed to go the next day. Next day, I texted him about the place, he opened the message & never responded. Went MIA that day & never ended up seein him.

The next day, he messaged me like nothing ever happened, didn't apologise, & had small talk. The next day he messages again - also small talk. The convo ends & we stop talking for a week so I decided I’d give it one more shot & see if he’d join me for coffee one night, he said he couldn’t that night but asked me if I was free the next day we’ll do it. I told him that sounds good.

The next day comes, he talks to me & I respond. He opens my message & never responds back, goes MIA. I didn’t contact him after that. Last night (a week later) he msgs me & apologizes saying he wasn’t feeling well & wasn't in the mood to see anyone & is feeling better now. I didn't respond to his message.

I just didn't like that he didn't ask to hangout again/ask me out in those weeks we were talking - we were speaking all day everyday. I felt maybe I was putting in more effort than he was & even as friends, you shouldn't just flake. In every kind of relationship, both need to put in the same amount of effort if you care about the person. He could've just told me he wasn't feeling well/can't do this day & to do something another day - I'm not going to cry about. It hurt more that he just flaked & went silent

What are your thoughts about this?


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  • I think this can be jst one side of the story, he may b really busy or preoccupied with some stuff or responsibility.. may b that y he couldn't give u d time.

    • True, there are 2 sides to every story but we all have things going on in our lives. But if someone really wants to see or hangout with someone they’ll make the time.

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    • It’s not hard to text someone and re-schedule something, instead of flaking. It’s just rude. Especially if that person is capable of talking to other people during that time. It’s just a matter of priorities.

    • See, I may b completely wrong bt , u knw these days we r so self obsessed tht we hardly bother to empathize and put ourselves in other shoes.
      Sometimes there r circumstances where we hv other priorities to b done.
      All I could say is , don't put a full stop to ur relationship for petty issues.

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  • If your doing all the work then he's doesn't care. Leave him be


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  • He doesn't deserve to be talked to by you. You tried to hang out with him but he stood you up why would he think he still deserves you? Just stay silent until he starts to actually communicate with you.


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  • He is a jerk... Dont bother talking to him...


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