I need advice. It's about the girl I've been dating. What should I do about the situation?

Short version
I have been dating a girl for a while, but in the last couple of weeks, we have almost not talked with each other at all. She doesn't read my messages, and it seems that she doesn't want to plan stuff anymore. She told me last week that she has been really busy with school, which is understandable.

Last week, I called her to plan that we could work with homework and school together. She liked the idea, but that she couldn't plan it when I called - she had to study for a test. So I sent her a message a couple of days ago to plan, but she still hasn't seen it.

I have no idea what to do, and I need advice.


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  • My advice would be just tell her how u r feeling about it. N be prepared if the answer couldnt be in ur favour

    • There is a popular say in my country: To a good understander, half a word is enough. Of course she is already pushing him away. Nobody is that busy. He should save his self respect if he has any and not inflate her ego anymore.

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    • I didn't advice him to fix it or beg her to talk to him.. i advice him to tell her what he want.. simple as that.. no one wants to suck up in that scenerio
      Peace 😁

What Guys Said 2

  • If she doesn't even reply to you, she's probably just not interested and thinks that doing this shit is somehow letting you down easy

    Source- this is pretty how how my ex treated me for a fee weeks before the end

  • Here's what you do: Look for another girl.

    If a girl is busy for you she is completely useless for you.


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