Girlfriend I Started Dating Few Weeks Ago won't Post Pictures Of Us On Her Instagram Page But Will On Mine?

I only got 3 pictures (3rd is the video of us) on my page such as my girlfriend and I on Instagram. But none of us together in her page. And the stuff that is typed under the posted pictures on my Instagram page, by her after she boworred my password, was from her such as "my girl and I" and "I like to make my girl happy".

Same on facebook although she does have her relationship status with my name on her facebook page and that's it.

She even has her former boyfriend of 6 years (this year is their 6th) on her page (album on facebook) which they are together on the photo and a few other photos of when they went out. which they broke up about two months ago. Early October.


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  • You should not care about that. She clearly does not cherish this relationship as you do. So ignore it, start looking for another girl and when you find it, break up with her.


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