I suck at talking to women?

I'm 20 and no matter how many times I try talking to women I fail. I try talking to all girls but none seem interested or I mess up on talking to them. Sometimes I feel like I'll get a girlfriend because of this. Also I feel like I'll never get better at talking to women. Yes I know, "I have to practice and practice..." blah blah blah but I've been trying so hard and now I feel like I'm losing confidence. Also the women that have the beautiful faces, nice breast, and big butts I fail with them also. What should I do?


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  • The one thing you forgot to mention in your question is the one thing you'll need in order to talk with women; you need to ask yourself why a woman would want to talk with you. Think about it; women deal with hundreds of people every day. They have information flying at them from every direction, and you are hoping to stand out in their mind. So, what does "Bigman117" have to offer these fine femme fatales that they won't get anywhere else?


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