(Dutch) How can I step up my flirting game?

So here I am 25 years old and single...
in my opinion not the ugliest human around but i am starting to doubt that.
I am a serious type of guy who will be romantic and gentle.

(Dutch) How can I step up my flirting game?
I am on so many dating site to find a normal girl.
But i get ignored so many times and my first sentence is not helping as well...

few example... dont kill me... :D

1. Hey miss (first name of the female i am intrested in), my name is Chofny nice meeting you.
2. Hey miss (first name of the female i am intrested in), how was your weekend. (had a few reaction and then never a reply)
3. Roses are red, so are your lips. You should sit on my face, and wiggle your hips (dont use this much i think 3 times)
4. If I could rearrange the Alphabet, I'd love u will be the only thing i need to communicate with you. (used this like 2 times)

the type of girls i like:

girls that don't have much make up.
girls who look good and take care of them self.
girls who (like any guy) look hot
girls that have a body that is skinny normal or thick not overweight

but if a girl responds back to me i want to know more of her character before i start dating to be sure she is a good type of girl... tho my conversation never go that far...

any tips?
or even any females willing to give me a shot? :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tbh I think you're really handsome but that hair ruins it.
    Sentence 1 is the best, 2 is good, 3 is please don't use ever again, 4 is cheesy.

    • wanted to send you a link to a picture of me with short har but i need to level 2... XD
      thanks for the advice tho.

    • No problem.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Real Social dynamics (RSD) search them on YouTube. Your welcome


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What Girls Said 2

  • It really is the hair. by the way you have an amazing smile! :)

    • T^T hahaha wauw. What message does my hair give that it is so negative?

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    • Not super super short (thats my preference) but like maybe a tiny man bun at the longest. I guess about how long other guys have it.

    • Well, I appreciate your opinion/preference. Thank you.

  • It’s the hair...

    • T^T okay...

      what message does my hair give that it is so negative?

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    • Just get a hair cut. That’s my only suggestion

    • Hahaha oke I will think about it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude just.. don't overthink

    • I think that's my character as well I plan everything... and if I don't over think there will be nothing to talk about.

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    • Yeah i get you.. just let it flow. Start with small talk and express you opinion on big things like philosophy, world events.. in other words, read, be smart and be confident.

    • Thank that will help me!

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