Girls, how would you feel about your boyfriend wanting you to dress him as your girlfriend, and wanting to go out on a date dressed like that?

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  • Not going to lie, I would be up for it. Plus I can take weird photos of him and keep them. I'm totally fine with it as long as I get to do the makeup.


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  • I'd love it. Been there and done that. Feminizing a man changes him into something special. He gets in touch with his feminine nature and finds out how much more there is to him and to life. We all have the opposite gender's nature in us, but men so seldom get to really experience it. He'll have to be fairly intelligent to do this because it takes an open mind and courage as well as confidence. Typical macho dummies would never be able to do it. It will also take a bit of effort before he is fully feminized so it looks right which other men would be too lazy to do. But it is all worth the effort of both parties. Then you have a boyfriend that is also a girlfriend. Just like these cuties.

    • Suppose after the date, he wanted to continue the woman thing in the bedroom?

    • Sounds great. I’d like to him to be fully feminized as often as possible. Sex this way is also much more interesting for both given the sensuality it brings to him when he’s feminized.

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