Dating is a bit hard for me how can I be more successful?

I'm not too outgoing because of school and learning (I'm not a typical geek guy 😀) and a bit shy but I think I'm mentally stronger than other guys in my age (nowdays the teenagers here are so disappointing) and I'm not a jerk with girls as the other guys are. Every time I get "friend zoned" and that girl always find one of those stupid f***s. So I don't know what to do :/


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  • I had the same problem... But then i colectet my courage and started to talk to girls... First i wasn't soo good at it. But latter i was able to get girls a lot more beautiful then me... Carisma is the key. Dont change youself. Just man up and go out and talk to girls... Eventualy you will have sucsess


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