Rules of dating?

How to meet good guys?

What are unsaid "rules" about dating?


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  • The term, "good guys" is relative.

    You can find guys anywhere, but to find one that you can agree with is a matter of chance.

    As far as the "ethics" of dating, it depends.

    As far as I can tell, I can relay the basics as they were taught to me, although I do not agree with some of the terms...

    1. The first date is alays at the expense of the male party.

    2. Based upon societal norms, it is not proper to kiss on the first date.

    3. Location of the first date often spells the complexion of the following relationship.

    4. Subsequent date locations and tabs are often debatable, but most often the male party still takes the tab.

    5. Dating should not be looked at as a business interview, especially the first date. (albeit, I don't agree with this.. On the first date I often ask the hard questions. Most often, if they answer one that I do not agree with, it is over at that moment, no exceptions.)

    There are more, but I don't have the time now...


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