Moved to a new town and don't know anyone. What the best way to meet new people?

I moved to troy Michigan 2 years ago and I STILL don't know anyone here. I have made zero friends so I'm usually just stuck at home or having to drive a long way to hang out with the friends I grew up with. This is burning a hold in my pockets big time. What should I do? Keep in mind I'm very shy, nervous, filled with anxiety, and constantly feel like I'm doing something wrong.


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  • Well, you could start with therapy to help with the social anxiety and then maybe join a class or group activity. There are plenty of bars and other establishments you could go to.
    You are close to Royal Oak and that is a very interesting city.
    Or you could always try a website like:
    I just googled that so I don't know if its any good

    • I don't drink so I've never seen a bar as an option

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    • I've been trying to find a place that does improv, or a group of people to film some YouTube videos but have had zero luck. I'm broke so if have to find a class that's free

    • There is a theater in Royal Oak that has comedians. I don't know if they do improv but you could find out.

  • Going to a local bar is good, like a small neighborhood dive bar will usually attract talkative people.

    • I guess that could work. I don't drink so I never saw it as an option

    • Oh, well you can also go to meetup. com and see if they have a group for people who are new in your area, or people who share one of your interests.

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  • Download tinder app

    • Has never worked out for me. I don't know why, but I've never gotten a date or a hookup from it

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    • Never trust a woman bro, i've had girls cheat on me too, i know how it feels. Don't get attached to a girl, you should not show too much emotions from day 1... play hard to get, don't give them all your time, don't treat them like you can't live without them

    • That's why I do. Been single for 6 years with no sex either. I said fuck it recently

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