Can anyone help me and give me some good advice about this situation please?

Me and my friends recently went out and my crush and my best friend came with us. She knows that I like him but she did some things that she could’ve avoided doing like she held onto his arm and held his hand while I was walking behind them. I confronted her about what’s bothering me today and she said that she doesn’t want to fight because of a boy and that she didn’t even realize that she was doing the things she could’ve avoided doing. She talks to him on social media and I don’t exactly know what they talk about. Before she left she said that he told her that when she wants to meet up she can tell him anytime like he said to me before I left. She said that she’ll tell him that she doesn’t want anything to do with him more than friends. But as far as I know she didn’t tell him anything. I tried asking him today if he has any feelings for her and he told me that she’s cute and I feel a bit hurt as he has been constantly flirting with me and leaving clear hints that he likes me through the messages he sends and when we went out we held hands but she was there with us as well. I honestly don’t know what to think of the whole situation and I need some advice. Please help!


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  • Ok he's a crush. I don't care how much you WANT someone, he's going to choose who he wants, and it sounds like he has chosen to have a relationship similar to what you have now, with her. Also this fighting over a guy crap is stupid, and honestly he doesn't probably care who, he just knows he's getting attention and it makes him feel good, so he will probably go to the lady who gives him the most attention without being clingy. Also stop asking fucking questions you don't want the answer to. "Oh I really want to know whether..." No, it will just bring more questions and the answers you do get are not going to help you at all, just cause pain. You want him? Tell him, stop beating around the bush, otherwise a nother woman will step on your turf, and you have absolutely no ground to claim because after all he's only a crush. Also if your stopping him from being happy because you can't get yourself together, undermining his possible relationships, your just as bad as your friend for breaking your trust circle, worse even because she was being friendly and it sounds like he pushed his boundary with her to see where she stood, where as you are just hiding in a corner trying to shoot down other birds. Also asking him about other women will generally make him think you are trying to help set him up with her, not asking for yourself. So nows he's going to look at your even more as a FRIEND. see how your just screwing yourself over now?

  • She isn't your friend at all!


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