I Am Starting To Get Feelings For A Friend That I Work With And I Don’t Want To?

I have very odd feelings for him. I don't want to like him, because he's the second guy I have liked at my work, and I just feel like when I tell everybody about it, they think that I like every guy that I talk to or every guy that gives me attention. We had to drive to work together the other day, and we have a lot in common, and the whole ride, we couldn't stop talking to each other. We talked about everything and anything. I always have thought he was cool, and we have been friends ever since we started working together, but the more time I spend with him, the better I get to know him and the more I like him. He's also very sweet, I forgot my jacket at home and it was too late to go back, so he offered me his. I know he doesn't like me, he doesn't act like he does at all. He's okay without talking to me. I'm okay with sitting in silence too, but I don't feel like it's a comfortable thing. I really hate it, because I have such tender feelings for him. I don't think about sex or anything hardcore like that. The little things he does makes my heart flutter, and I constantly am finding myself wanting to touch his hands or embrace him. It sounds really weird, I know. Things are really gentle between us, and I have no idea how to feel about this situation, but it's just hard everytime I see him. I love him as a friend, he's an amazing person, although he doesn't think highly of himself all. But I feel like the line between friendship and a relationship is getting blurred.


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  • So what small thing could have the greatest positive impact in him wanting to date you?

  • Barney from how I met your mother would call this the mermaid affect


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