Girls, why hasn't she texted me TWO days now?

Hi guys,

So I've been seeing this girl for these past couple of weeks. We've hung out, made out, had heavy petting and stuff, but haven't done the dirty deed yet.

During these four-five weeks, she's been texting me FIRST almost every day, about non-sense and all that. She usually called me twice a week. We only saw each other during the weekends because I live two hours away from her. During this whole time, I've initiated convos very rarely, but I didn't need to because she'd always text me first.

Three days ago, she was having a party at her place so I was there too. It ended with us being drunk and in bed. We started out making out, then a little more but she stopped me saying she wasn't ready to go all the way. So we just went to sleep.

The day after I went back and she texted me asking if I had made it back home etc. We had a short little convo and that was that. Yesterday, I was a bit confused as to why she didn't want to go all the way with me, but figured nothing was wrong and she'd text me in the evening anyways. She didn't.

I had a thought cross my mind that last week I'd text her every other day, so I figured that maybe she expected me to text yesterday. But I didn't and figured she must've had a lot of work and that she'd text me today. She didn't.

So now I'm worried about what's happening? She's been online on messenger a lot, but she has yet to text. This is weird as it's the first time in over a month where we didn't speak for longer than a day.

What's going on? Can anyone please tell me? My mind is going bananas right now


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  • Its pretty self-explanatory. If she has been textinh you first from the beginning she thinks its YOUR turn now to take more initiative. If a girl has been going on dates eith you for a while and initiate texts she will eventually stop not bc she isn't interested but bc she wants to see if you are interested enough to text her and do things first.
    Thats your problem, you're expecting her to always inititate, i think its time you start texting ber first for a couple of weeks. She may be going through something so talk to her and try to ask her how she feels or if she wants to talk, girls like that in guys when for a bit we can just have some deep convos

  • Text her! Ask her about her day


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