How do I stop myself feeling like the downgrade?

I've started getting closer with this guy who was in my year at high school. To be honest we started off just fun - a kind of friend with benefits thing, but the more we've started talking the more we get on and long story short we've just started dating.

He's been in two long lasting relationships (talking years) one with his literal high school sweetheart who was probably the loveliest and most gorgeous girl in the school (the girl you always wished you could be) and second a girl from the year above who's both stunning, outgoing and just fun.

I know it's more of a confidence issue but I'm just an average girl, average looks, average interests. I'm working on myself (mainly for me) but how do I stop feeling like I'm in a competition with his exes that I'll just never win?


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  • You wilk stoo when you will accept that the one in his lifd is only you. He had two cute girls before you and it did noy work because of so many reasons I suppose. But now he chosed you and he wants you and only you with him. For him you are far more beautiful than his exes and you have more chances to last longer than them


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  • There are things that are more important than looks. And guys always think you look better than you think you do.


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