Asking him to hang out?

I've been running into a co worker that I used to work with several times lately. We used to work in the same office, but I transferred and we only see each other maybe once a month in passing. I have run into him out a couple times and we have chatted briefly.
I used to be super into him, but never was able to make a move. Now that I don't have to see him very often I might be able to make a move. Would it be weird to tell him we should hang out when we see each other at the office Christmas party?
Any ideas on how to do it would be appreciated as well


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  • It would not be weird. It would be very modern.

    Advice on how to do it? Simply, with words, and with no expectation. If he doesn't react well, it's not the end of the world. Just don't have any expectation about an answer one way or the other. If he says cool, that's fine. If he hums and hahs, that's fine. If he says No, i have a girlfriend, that's fine.


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  • Nope. You should absolutely ask him to hang out if you want to. No reason not to.

  • If he's single it should go over wonderfully.

    • He is as far as I know. However up to now all we have done is see who can come up with the most snide comment about the other ( in a friendly manner of course)

    • I think you have more then a fair shot there. Stay friendly, guys do respond to that. Leave the really serious stuff for a few months down the road, unless he begins to show signs of being ready for it. And that will become apparent when the tone of his conversation changes to more serious topics.

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