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I plan on just straight up walking to a girl whom I have never spoken to and asking for her number. Is this a smart move or should I change it? What do you think I should do if not that.


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  • I hardly ever give out my number, let alone to a stranger who waltz’s right up to me and asks.
    If it’s a place where this person works, I would show up and talk to them every time, and after the 3rd or so time I would ask them to coffee or for their number. Establish a connection of trust first.
    If it’s just someone passing in the street that you just can’t let go without talking to them, strike up a convo and say,” I know this is strange but I just couldn’t let you go without asking you to coffee” and if they refuse you can always say,” well, if you change your mind, here’s my number”.
    The key thing is to not be a dick if you get rejected, although I know it’s terrifying and painful. It’s more attractive to someone when you can handle yourself even under pressure like that.


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  • I don't see anything wrong with that. I just never feel right doing that I've got friends that will try getting a girl in bed without even knowing her more than about 5 minutes

  • Talk to her for a little bit before asking for her number


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