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Ok ladies, so I have a account on Plenty Of Fish, OkCupid, & Tinder, I have sent messages to several girls I like, i don't find many in the nearby town that I live, but i don't get a message back on 90% of them, what am i doing wrong? Should i shorten out my description? What could be the reasoning? I'm not good at starting a conversation either


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  • Do you have any hobbies? Join a class or do a short course somewhere that do adult evening classes or something. Once your in a place like that you have an excuse to talk to women you find attractive.

    It could be as simple as 'can I borrow your pen?'

    Tinder and pof really don't work. I've had accounts for two years now and although I get messages many are form guys I'm not attracted to or who only want one thing. If your a nice genuine guy your best of dating in the real world


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  • It takes time buddy. I had a POF account and it took me about two years to find someone interested and interesting. I eventually married her in June. Just keep trying, and pushing forward. There'll be a lot of people who don't respond, or are nasty about it. Just keep going, it'll get better

    • Well damn. You're actually the first I heard ended up marrying the one on their.

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    • I try. Sometimes I really think I'm to nice. But I really just wait anymore

    • Anything/Anyone worth it, won't be easy, and if it's easy, it's not worth it.

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  • Plenty of fish xD omg i am actually dead from the name.

    Damn i like it!! But yeah don't use apps go to the mall, be a man and tell her "Hey you are looking very cute/beautiful, let's hang out"

    • I despise the mall!!! I chat stand those places. I go to certain places for what I need and gtfo. If she wants to go, I'll gladly let her go lol. I'm just to shy i guess you can say, I don't just start talking to them. I did the other day while I was selling Christmas trees was gonna ask get to go out, and give her my card/number but I got tied up and she left

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    • Right. Yea I agree totally. I just don't move forward at all

    • Because you are afraid of the word "No"?

  • You should include this somewhere:

    They call me Gepetto, cause I make the ladies my puppets.

    • That sounds like the wrong thing to put, sounds like you're with a gang of sort

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