Really good first date and she wants a second, saw her goodnight text but don't want to wake her up?

Had a good date, couldn't figure her out at points but she told me she was sarcastic so I put it down to that. She ended up kissing my face off at the end and told me to text her when I got back. I reached out when I got back asking if she got home safe and that I had a nice evening, including a joke from what happened that evening.

She suggested a possible date #2 so I asked when she was next free to get together. She said it would have to be next week but it would be Tuesday or Thursday, so I said that was okay but I'll have to get back to her tomorrow when I find out my work schedule. She said it was fine and ended the conversation saying goodnight. I wasn't at my phone and 20-30 minutes had passed (it was half past midnight). I've not replied saying goodnight incase I wake her up.

I do plan to re-initiate contact tomorrow when I'm at work with the date and time of our next date though.. This shouldn't be an issue not replying to her goodnight? I felt like it was better to not wake her up, by the time I saw it!


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  • Text goodmorning and say something like didn’t see your text until later and didn’t want to wake you

    • I won't find out when I'm free until 2-3pm that day. Do you think it's okay to reach out at that point?

    • Up to you but if you care about her good morning texts are nice. Means you are thinking about that person. Or you can wait. Whatever you want. I would suggest causing mentioning you didn’t want to wake her. But you’ve only had one date so their isn’t a need to text constantly or commitment

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, just explain that you did not want to wake her and she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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