My boyfriend is a prude?

I'm low key a hoe but I've been dating this guy for 6 Mos and we haven't even kissed. Help he's so shy ugh


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  • Either have some patience and not rush things or find someone that matches your pace.

    Not being a happy dating scene might make you cheat and then comes the bad rap


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  • Why don't you just stop being low key a hoe. You're 13, do you really wanna F up your life? Because that's what you're going to do. Either you're gonna get an STD/infection, everyone is going to know you are a whore and not want to be around you or like you, or the obvious of course, you'll get pregnant. Do you know how well girls who get pregnant at 13 do in life? Or even 15 or 18? Usually not very well because one, your body isn't supposed to support a pregnancy at that young of an age so it's dangerous, two, you have no way to support yourself and a child, you'd have to depend on your family, the guy, or have an abortion/give the child up for adoption.

    If you're not really low key a hoe, don't say it. Meaning: if you say that just because you wanna kiss your boyfriend, not have sex or do sexual things, you're not a hoe. But, if that is what you mean, maybe you should rethink your life choices.


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  • Lmao @ “lowkey a hoe”, you’re young and trust me if it isn’t your thing then find out someone else.

    There is more fish in the sea

  • Your 13, calm down. Go outside and act like the kid you are

  • Lowkey hoe? Uh? Age 13? Time to give up on humanity...

  • Ditch him

    • He's rlly sweet and Hella tall and hot. Captain Of Basketball AND Football team

    • Shit... In this case use your hoe superpowers and seduce and teach him.

  • Kiss him!


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