Ed Coworker moved away but I can't stop thinking about him?

I recently found out my ex-coworker moved to Nevada. I live in Florida. He was the first man I was interested in since my ex after I moved here from New York. I started to get to know him and would talk to him then it got awkward and I caught him staring at me in an office window for two days. We had this on and off staring thing to the point where I couldn't even look him in the eyes anymore. He would run away from me sometimes when I was around but then stare at me when I walk by sometimes. I never gave him a chance cause he was my coworker (we worked right next to each other) and he was married at the time. He got divorced during that time on the job. Then I left that job cause I got another great job and I saw him one week after I left at a happy hour event when I met with old co-workers and never saw or heard from him again. During these last few months i couldn't stop thinking about him and wondering if he ever was really into me. I know I missed my chance and probably won't see him again but I just want him out of my head especially since he moved away.


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  • If you have his email, send him a note. You aren't his co-worker any more and you might be able to spark an interesting friendship.

    If you don't have his email address, write a really provocative email and send it to some random address. That might get it out of your system.


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