Loser talk. Is it just me?

I always end up rejected by girls that I really like, but those that I sort of like keep chasing me. Is it just me? Am I doomed then?


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  • You're not doomed at all.. These girls you're chasing might not be right for you or they believe they are our of your league. Give one of the Okay girls a shot and see how it goes

    • that's the thing. I don't understand why I should be settling for anything. I match the girls I like intellectually and physically (otherwise they would never chase me themselves at the beginning or even give me a shot in the first place), but do lack confidence and am a bit shy (esp. at the beginning). That's just unfair. Why would I even want to be part of this if I literally have to trick such girls into dating me.

      It's an endless circle: a girl tries to get my attention like crazy, I ignore her because it never works out with the girls I like. Then I decide to give it a shot and get shot down again. Loop

    • Then give a chance to those who you are turning down. It's not a matter of settling but trying to find compatibility

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  • Maybe you like them too much... And then you are correct on the dose when you like them less... Maybe thats the right dosage...

    • I have around 6 such girls at any given time and only one that I really like, but I always end up as one of her 6 losers

    • Thats what happens when you take value out of you to give to somebody else...
      6 girls at any given time. You can go two months having sex with each one per weekend without repeating them and still got left 2 weekends to look for others.
      If you choose to chase I cannot have any sympathy for you.

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  • I have no girls that are after me.
    Girls in my part have pop up on me at random times throughout times this year. 😊😂
    The amount who did come back to me was ridiculous.

  • give the one that you sorta like a chance


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