What does it mean when he gives you a key?

I have been sleeping with a long time friend since September. The sex is great and we are best friends its fantastic! He is definitely a player type, Im not naive to that so when he gave me a key to his house i was taken back. This is a dude that believes he will be a bachelor for forever so I'm super confused what this means. HELP?


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  • Maybe he is not a player after all... Incredible how women fall for that roleplaying.

    I would give a key only to somebody I like.

    OF COURSE, that doesn't mean he wants a relationship ok? But he def dont want to play you.

    • He’s definitely a hoe I know that for a fact but what do you mean he doesn’t want to play with me

    • If a guy play a girl he usually hates her but somehow is attracted to her. No player plays a nice girl.
      After he gets what he wants he just feel disgusted looking at the girl.
      He already got what "he wanted" from you and still gave you the key. You obv offer something else to him other than physically. He might want to spend his youth humping around but also keeping you around or he is giving you the opportunity to show you are relationship material.
      He can't play you because the game already ended, and "he won".

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  • Either
    Easier access to his house for booty calls ie \ coukd meet him there and be ready for him

    He likes you


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  • Well, I'm not really sure, but it is a huge sign of trust.

    • but why give your friends with benefits a key? why not a guy friend or something i'm "honored" by the fact that i have a key I just don't understand why i have one

    • Honestly, you've got me a little baffled. Either he wants you as more than friends, he wants to make it easier for you to come over and bang, or he wants you to be able to let the cable repair man when he's not home. It is just really hard to tell. I'm sorry I'm not more help 😕

  • He trust you.


What Girls Said 2

  • Easier access for booty calls?

  • HE likes you


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