Why is it not common to see a white girl (specially british) to be dating a minority of the world?

Why is it not common to see a white girl (specially british) to be dating a minority of the world? I dont see this very often unless i know the guy is loaded with cash. I see some well dressed indian guys and bulky gym rat chinese guys who obviously have the money (maybe drug smuggling... kidding. i dont know how they get their money.)

Yet a white British male can easily attract a minority girl's attention in fact half of them beg him for it.

I mean its like white girls see minorities as maybe beneath their royal white blood particularly the British girls. Like minority boys are corrupt monkeys or something. They can't offer integrity (corrupt) or looks (monkey) so only the cash loaded can catch a white girl's (british in particular) attention.

So ladies (particularly british) im really curious. Whats going on in your mind when you see a minority of the world? Has he no value to you at all romantically only financially like you would look at an oil rich monkey?

I would appreciate your honestly because the curiosity is niggling at the back of my mind for almost 9 years now.

Its very obvious that there's something there and im sure most of the minority males have come to accept it and are not resentful at all. But wouldn't you want to know the reason why? For a sense of closure

Im most curious about the British white girls because my cousin had a pretty german (obviously white) girlfriend and he's not a white male.

Is hypergamy and "class" involved maybe? Appreances and public image. Minority males are beneath a pretty white British girl who MaY be connected to royal blood


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  • There are no mysterious maybe royals. Most people are lower class and know it.


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