How to lower the resistance?

I am presently in an intimate relationship though we haven't had sex but everytime we both are alone we lose control in one another. She is maintaing her distance at this point yet I have completely surrendered to her, selected her as the captain of my ship. She says she don't see her future with me but when we are in each others arms, she says she doesn't trust her words. We both enjoy a lot with each other but when we are sober she says she regret our private time. This in turn makes we work so hard to lower her resistance towards my arms , making mentally and emotionally tired. Kindly do help.


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  • I had a similar situation once. I was very interested in a woman who seemed to not want to be anything more than friends. I don't think it was about me specifically but she just didn't really want to be in any serious relationship. I pursued her for almost a year before she finally agreed to be in a relationship. We got married about two years later. In the beginning it was fine, but then she started being distant again and wanting to be more like friends than lovers. I worked hard again to try to raise the level of the relationship but she just withdrew further and eventually we got divorced.

    Based on that unpleasant experience, my opinion is that if there's someone you like who really doesn't seem to want to be in a relationship with you, it's probably better to look for someone else or you might have the same problem I had where I got her interested for a while but then she went back to wanting to keep her distance. I think it would be a lot easier and probably more rewarding to be in a relationship with someone that really wants to be with you.


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